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About Us - Lou & Rachel
The Southwest Wanderers

Originally from New England, we made the great escape to Nevada's warm, desert mountains in July of 2019.

The move to Las Vegas was in the making for nearly five years and perfectly planned just in time for a worldwide pandemic to hit (little sarcasm there). Restricted during those months of shutdowns, we ventured outside the borders of Vegas, driving for miles and miles, and quickly discovered an entire world far beyond the dimmed neon lights.

The love affair with nature was made official when Lou said goodbye to his cushy, black diesel truck with all the fixins' and swapped it for a bright yellow 2020 Jeep Wrangler that introduced us to the glory of #jeeplife! In 2021, the need for something just a little bigger, a bit brighter, we traded "The Tasmanian" for a limited edition gecko green Mojave Gladiator Jeep named "Zombie".


Excited by the southwest's landscape and history, you will often find us chasing ghost town adventures and bouncing down dusty dirt roads.

Also in 2021, we took our love of panoramic mountain views and wide-open spaces to a new level. We purchased 2.5 acres of glorious desert land in the quirky town of Pahrump, Nevada, where in the coming years, we will eventually build a little homestead for ourselves.

And with our new E-Pro 15TB camper finally here you can expect our day-long adventures to transition into weekend-long jaunts and maybe a little boondocking on our own land!

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