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Valley of Fire: Camping & Trail Info!

Valley of Fire mountains and blue sky
Valley of Fire State Park always Impresses!

I think it's clear by now that venturing out into the desert landscapes is an absolute FAVORITE thing of ours to do. And as much as we love our adventurous, all consuming weekends out and about, sometimes even these Southwest Wanderers need to keep it close to home. When those moment happen, we take a 30 minute drive from our North Las Vegas home over to the awe inspiring Valley of Fire. If you've never visited this State Park, it's time to put it on your list...STAT.

With its world-renowned 40,000 acres (yes, you read that right!) of bright red Aztec sandstone, you'll notice an ever changing landscape as it is nestled in gray and tan limestone. Valley of Fire State Park contains ancient, petrified trees and petroglyphs dating back more than 2,000 years! You'll also stumble across wild life at any give turn of the road, so go slow and be ready to soak in all the natural goodness.

Trails & Hiking

The late spring and summer month temperatures can get HOT in the Valley of FIRE (see what I did there?). With so many amazing hikes and trails, you'll want to make the most of them in the cooler months. That said, no reason you can't do a drive through sight-seeing mission in the midst of those 100+ temp months. You can use that time to scope out future hikes and perfect picnic spots. We keep a cooler in the car with beverages galore and snacks, no matter the sightseeing plan, because you just never know!

Camping You Say?

Valley of Fire also offers two campground options with beautiful sites set in the midst of fiery-red mountain views. Lou and I absolutely have our hearts set on making the most of these beautiful campsite locations once our E-Pro 15TB (finally) arrives from the dealer (and that's when our YouTube really gets going!). Campsites are equipped with shaded tables, grills, water and restrooms. A dump station and showers are available too. All campsites are first-come, first-serve and have water and electric hook-ups. More camping information is located on the Valley of Fire State Park page.

As you can tell, we have BIG love for camping and Valley of Fire. The convergence of these two favorite things is a biggie for us! So in the meantime, we head out for little mid day visits, wave at the cows enroute, and share our adventures with you. Check out our short lil video below, and don't forget to visit our YouTube channel and subscribe. Thank you!

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